Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Advertising with the Perth Wildcats digital landscape allows brands to connect with fans through integrated and targeted advertising campaigns, in association with one of the most prominent brands in Perth and the NBL.

Website Advertising

The Perth Wildcats’ website is the first stop for members and fans to seek important information. With in excess of 94,000 unique visitors per month, this advertising opportunity will provide an excellent avenue for your brand to effectively market its product or service offerings. Your advertisement tile can feature on the website homepage, directly beneath the Perth Wildcats headline news, providing a prime viewing position.

Please note: Dates for advertisement to be agreed upon by both parties and subject to availability.

Enews Sponsorship

The Perth Wildcats e-news is the primary tool used to communicate with the club’s members and fans. The e-news is sent weekly throughout the season and fortnightly throughout the off-season. An opportunity exists for your brand to become the major sponsor of the Perth Wildcats e-news.

Last season, the e-news was viewed by more than 245,000 Perth Wildcats members and fans.

As the major sponsor of the e-news, your logo will be positioned at the top of the page and you will be provided with an advertisement tile once every month.

Enews Advertisements

As well as major sponsorship of the Perth Wildcats e-news, there is also the opportunity to feature within the e-news for individual promotions. If you have a big sale coming up or would like to make a special offer to Wildcats members, one of our e-news ad tiles is the perfect platform to reach our fans & members.

Digital Advertising branding opportunity

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