Big Screen Branding

Big Screen Branding

The big screen is one of the most visually attractive areas of the stadium during game day, outside of
the game itself. This means that the assets surrounding the scoreboard are highly visible and well
recognised by all that attend and view the games. The following provide premium brand exposure
across many different mediums:

Corners of the scoreboard

Branding on all four corner inserts for highly prominent and captive audience exposure.

Underneath the scoreboard

Branding to the under side of the scoreboard, viewable by attending fans as well as appearing on the TV arch.

TVCs to appear on the big screen

The ability to play TVC’s during pre-game and breaks in play throughout the
game day.

Download Wildcats Branding Opportunities Brochure (6.77 MB PDF) Big Screen Branding branding opportunity Big Screen Branding branding opportunity

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